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Celestial Church Of Christ

Fountain Of Light Model Parish, Ontario, Canada


Ven.Sup.Evang. Olajide Salako

Shepherd in Charge

Welcome To CCC Fountain of Light Model Parish.
The Lord has given us the grace to congregate as we delve into His wonders. It is mystery to see life unfolding in a unique way which the mind can’t comprehend. It is beyond what is called normal in our lives to see this day the way it is. Many of us have been praying towards it and we thank our Heavenly Father for the provision given to us to be here by His mercy. We started with no picture of what the Lord was about to do in our mind, but when we look around us from where we started to this time, we discover that we are a holy people unto the Lord our God and He has chosen His Church unto Himself according to the book of Deuteronomy 7:6. We are grateful from our hearts for what the Lord is doing upon His Church because His compassion fail us not, and great is His faithfulness every day. As long as we keep on trusting our Lord, He will always shower us with blessings so that His name only will be glorified on earth and in Heaven because He is God.

I welcome you now as you share this love with us as God has prepared a PECULIAR BLESSING for us, so that His Grace can manifest in our midst today. Feel free at Jesus’s feet and know that the presence of the Lord is with us from now until the end of today’s service because the Spirit of the Lord is at work.

Remain Blessed in the Lord.



Our worship days are open to all, and we welcome visitors and guests to join us. Whether you are new to the area or simply looking for a new church home, we invite you to come and see what CCC Fountain Of Light has to offer.

Join us for our upcoming events and activities. We offer a variety of opportunities for fellowship, learning, and service. Come and be a part of our church family, and experience the love of Christ in community.


  • 10AM - Sunday Devotional Service
  • 6PM - Evening Service


  • 9AM - Seeker Service
  • 6PM - Mercy Day Service


  • 3PM - Pregnant Women Service
  • 6PM - Power Day Service


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